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Energy Devices

Energy Devices - Cosmoarts Clinic
  • Diode Laser is way of painless Hair Removal with minimal complications and help you get rid of unwanted hair of face, hands, legs, underarms, bikini areas.
  • Pico Laser is a newer technology of picosecond exposure and is for tattoo remove, acne scars, moles, Blemishes, freckles and pigmentation.
  • Newer devices help in modest fat reduction from specific pockets of the body in a gradual manner without surgery, scars or pain. We at our clinic have non invasive Laser lipo which uses low level lasers for fat pocket reduction. Ultrasonic cavitation is also available for stubborn areas as is injection lipolysis. Together non surgical fat reduction can help you shape up your body in conjunction with lifestyle changes.
  • Weight loss, pregnancy, and ageing all can lead to loosening and sagging of the skin. Non surgical methods Radiofrequency skin tightening can be helpful in these situations for the face and body giving you an alternative for surgical correction and giving moderate results but without any pain and scars.
  • Glutathione injection can help in brightening of the skin and improve the skin tone